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No. 4794: Garfield's History of Cats

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Garfield's History of Cats

First | Previous | 2022-07-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4794

Strip by: limmey comic

{A cat-dinosaur hybrid is walking on sand. That's normal}
GARFIELD'S HISTORY OF CATS: The very first cat crawled out of the sea about ten million years ago
{The cat-dinosaur stops}
Fortunately for him...
{A mouse-dinosaur hybrid appears. The cat-dinosaur is happy to see it}
It was only about another 15 minutes before the first mouse crawled

{A cave dweller that sort of resembles Lyman pets his pet cat}
The first cat was domesticated about a million years ago. The cat (named "Org") was owned by a cave man named "Chuck"
{The cave dweller has disappeared, and in its place are its hairs and clothing. Org stares at the reader}
While rumor has it that Org ate his owner...
{A blue dog appears. That's also normal}
Historians maintain the family dog ate Chuck

{Another cat has a chase with a mouse}
During the dark ages the legendary ratter "Fluffy-the-Fierce" destroyed every rat but one...
Mouse: SQUEAK!
{The cat is mauled by a big rat}
Ol' Fluffy got his clock cleaned by the even more legendary "Matt-the-Rat"
{Later, a Garfield look-alike is walking, while Matt-the-Rat glares at it}
Incidentally, it was Matt-the-Rat who coined the term "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty"
{That, too, is normal}

{Another Garfield look-alike, but with red stripes (first panel only; that is normal still), is eating his cat food meal}
Marco Polo had a cat named Rolo
{The name rhymes, and I don't know why}
{Later, Rolo is holding onto Polo's right leg}
Rolo would have gone with Marco on his trip to the Orient...
{Polo leaves with his suitcase}
But motels wouldn't accept pets then
Rolo: WAH!

{Yet another Garfield look-alike is on a boat, staring at the sea}
A cat discovered America!
{The cat grabs someone's right leg with his left paw and gets the person's attention with his right}
It was Christopher Columbus' cat "Buckeye" who first spotted the beach
{Buckeye puts both his paws together. Once again, that's normal}
Primarily because the Santa Maria didn't have a sandbox

{A worker is using another Garfield look-alike to claw a table. Once more, that's normal}
Cats' penchant for sharpening their claws has served many historic purposes: In Victorian times cats were used to antique furniture
{In the next scene, the same cat has its claws on someone's chest, who is strapped onto a table}
During the Spanish-American War, cats were used as interrogators
Strapped man: I'll talk! I'll talk!
{In the final scene, Garfield is ripping apart a bunch of boxes}
And today, the post office uses cats to sort mail marked "fragile"

The author writes:

This is a similar strip to my earlier "Garfield's Believe it or Don't!" strip.

Original strips: 1979-08-06, 1979-08-07, 1979-08-08, 1979-08-09, 1979-08-10, 1979-08-11.