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No. 4790: Lyman's Revenge

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Lyman's Revenge

First | Previous | 2022-06-30 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4790

Strip by: Trevor

{A monochrome title panel (with two of the sections in red and another showing Garfield's face) shows the title "GARFIELD: Lyman's Revenge" in the same fonts used in the logo for The Garfield Show}
{Cut to Jon reading a newspaper with Garfield lying next to him}
{Cut to a shot of the newspaper: above is the headline "LYMAN FOUND INSIDE JON'S BASEMENT: Missing since 1983", a picture of Lyman, and the text "We never thought this would happen. After almost 40 years, a man by the name of Lyman was discovered inside the basement of cartoonist Jon Arbuckle. Lyman was Arbuckle's roommate from 1978 until his 1983 disappearance"; the last word is cut off}
{Cut to Garfield, having seen this headline, looking shocked as Jon casually reads the paper; how did Jon not even read said headline? Or maybe he assumed Lyman wouldn't be any serious threat, who knows}
{Cut to a monochrome flashback from 1978 of Jon and Lyman meeting}
Jon: Lyman
Lyman: Jon
{Cut to Garfield walking to the door as it makes a "DING DONG" noise}
{We see that Garf has opened the door, and a long pair of legs is shown, which belong to Lyman; Jon must have done something to make Lyman's legs so long}
Lyman: Garfield! How ya been? Jon's gonna pay for locking me up for 39 years!
{Cut to a suspiciously-amused Garf and an angry Jon (with his face in his stomach, in a bit of Cronenbergian body horror) in Lyman's dark basement, which is shown in monochrome}
Jon: You have betrayed me, Garfield
Garfield: Ain't I a stinker? {Garf even looks at us, the readers, as he says this}

The author writes:

Mark Evanier (a writer for Garfield and Friends and The Garfield Show) wrote the latter show's episode "Long Lost Lyman" as his own "amateur story" on Lyman's fate. I decided to go with Jim Davis' (joke?) remark "Don't look in Jon's basement!" as a reference. I know, I can be twisted sometimes.

Original strips: 1978-08-07, 1998-03-15, 2000-10-30, 2000-11-01, 2001-11-28, 2020-11-15.