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No. 4781: Garfbird

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First | Previous | 2022-06-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4781

Strip by: Israbelle

{There is a bird(?) in the distance, rendered as simply an M like many cartoons do, which Garfield calls out to (with aim to eat)}
Garfield: Come closer!
{The bird(?) gets slightly closer, but no detail is added}
Garfield: Closer!
{The bird is now right in front of Garfield, and yet still is rendered as a simple black M. Obviously, Garfield can't eat a letter (or, at least, it wouldn't be very satisfying) so he's pretty disappointed}
Garfield: I don't know what I expected

The author writes:

As soon as I saw SRoMG #4241 I had this idea, and I could've sworn it was done before but a rudimentary search didn't turn anything up. At first I tried making the bird look a little better, but then I realized I couldn't be bothered putting in that much effort for a joke that's about lazy art in the first place. So now I'll claim it's simply meta, and was my idea the whole time, like a good author.

Original strip: 2017-07-05.