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No. 4721: Garfield Night Funkin

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Garfield Night Funkin

First | Previous | 2022-04-22 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4721

Strip by: JakeLeB

{Jon and Garfield sit at a table, as per usual. Garfield looks at Jon in surprise, while Jon stares off in the distance, bored}
Jon: Friday night...
{Almost as if on cue, Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin' appears, either being thrown through the window, or jumping through it. Regardless, I sense an angry third phase...}

The author writes:

This was submitted to the Garfield thrown out the window Twitter account, but I feel like it would fit here as well.

For those unaware, Friday Night Funkin' is a popular work-in-progress rhythm game made by NinjaMuffin, PhantomArcade, and Kawai Sprite. With an active modding community, one could say this is the next big trend... and one would be right.

One more thing... the Garfield

Original strips: 1981-03-29, 2001-01-05.