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No. 4717: A disastrous barbecue

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A disastrous barbecue

First | Previous | 2022-04-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4717

Strip by: IQ-ranger

{Garfield chews some kind of food}
{Garfield is suddenly quite disgusted moments after chewing his food}
{In the next five panels we see that Liz, Odie, Nermal, Arlene and even Pooky also have that same feeling of disgust when chewing the same food}
{Cut to Jon cooking a skewer on the grill}
Jon {asking the rest of the guests at the barbecue}: Anyone else want to taste another liver tahini satay kebob?!
{Cut to the rest of the guests at Jon's BBQ}
Lyman {frowning}: Nope
Lyman's Girlfriend {also frowning}: I'm on a diet
Jon's Mother {frowning as well as Lyman and his girlfriend}: I think I'll wait for dessert
Jon's Father {disappointed}: I just ate
Big Vicious Dog {also disappointed}: Not now!

The author writes:

Seeing the original Garfield strip from 2021/08/29 was hilarious, but I thought there were too few guests at Jon's BBQ, so I decided to increase the number of guests to 12 (including Jon himself) and even felt this strip far superior to the original.

Original strips: 1981-08-09, 2010-07-13, 2021-08-29.