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No. 4700: Jon's Singing

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Jon's Singing

First | Previous | 2022-04-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4700

Strip by: AQ206

{The Sunday comic starts out with the intro panel, but instead of "Garfield", it reads out "Garf", because the author does not know what the heck he's doing}
Garfield: No!
Jon: ♫ Story of Undertale ♫
{Jon shocks both Odie and Garfield as he sings}
Jon: ♪ I fell from the light / Talk or should I fight?
Jon: ♪ Monster genocide ♫
Jon: ♪ T H I S M Y U N D E R T A L E ♫
{At this point, Garfield and Odie have left the car, but Jon doesn't notice}
Jon: I fell from a cave on Mount Ebott

The author writes:

Pretty funny joke, huh?

Original YouTube video: ♪ UNDERTALE THE MUSICAL - Animation Song Parody.

Original strip: 1993-12-12.