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No. 4680: BFDIfield - Donut's War

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BFDIfield - Donut's War

First | Previous | 2022-03-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4680

Strip by: Camwoodstock

{Donut sits alone on a plate, simply labelled "Donut"}
{Suddenly, Garfield approaches! Donut points at Garfield in rage...}
{Garfield passes by, beaten up. Donut looks at Garfield, smugly smiling as he leans on the sign}

The author writes:

Going on the trails of SRoMG #3262, I wanted to focus on one of the lesser characters — Donut! He was always one of my more favorite characters, and I'm kinda sad he was eliminated so fast in Battle for Dream Island Again. Thank goodness that in Battle for BFDI, the fourth season, Donut has seen a massive promotion from being "obligatory first elimination nobody takes note of" to even becoming temporary host!

To distinguish this strip from #3262, I decided to go for the more freehand doodle style BFB uses, in contrast to the more Flash asset-y style that BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB used. I think I did pretty okay, all things considered.

Original strips: 2005-05-05, 2012-04-09.