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No. 4592: Wimpfield

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First | Previous | 2021-12-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4592

Strip by: limmey comic

Off-panel character: Ready to go out, guys?
{Odie and Garfield look at the off-panel character. Garfield doesn't look happy}
Garfield: Ask me again in the spring
{Nonetheless, Jon opens the door outside. Odie and Garfield head out}
Jon: Have fun in the snow, boys
{Jon closes the door shut}
{A pile of snow from the roof falls on top of Odie and Garfield}
{Odie and Garfield are covered in snow. Garfield wipes the snow off himself, and now appears to be having a slight panic attack}
Garfield: Odie! Are you okay?!
{Odie's snow falls down. No sign of Odie. That made Garfield lose it}
Garfield: ARRRRGH!
{Garfield falls to the ground. Jon opens the door}
Jon: Wimp

The author writes:

Funny how removing just one panel changes the humor of the strip.

Original strip: 1988-12-04.