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No. 4243: Square Root of Minus Garfield in 2053

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Square Root of Minus Garfield in 2053

First | Previous | 2020-12-30 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4243

Strip by: SonicLover

{A fairly tiny Garfield strip with few discernible details. At least you can tell it's the famous "milk expiration dates" strip}

The author writes:

The strips.garfield.com takedown was only the beginning. Over the next few decades, all freely available Garfield content will be purged from the Internet by the greedy folks at Viacom/Nickelodeon, forcing SRoMG creators to work with assets of lower and lower quality. By 2053, Garfield strips of respectable quality will be nigh-impossible to find. USB drives containing high-quality strips will circulate on the black market at inordinate prices, and anyone in possession of such will be hunted like deer. Hobbyist SRoMG authors will make edits of high-quality strips but not dare to share them with anyone, because to reveal yourself to be in possession of such contraband as a high-quality original Garfield strip is to paint a giant target on your forehead. Only strips of bottom-of-the-barrel quality will be safely eligible for this website.

What edit did this author make to this strip? At this level of detail, we'll probably never know.

(No, I'm not bitter about losing access to high-quality assets. Why would you think that?)

Original strip: 2013-01-17.