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No. 4239: Stephen King's Garfield

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Stephen King's Garfield

First | Previous | 2020-12-26 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4239

Strip by: Colin

{Garfield enters Jon's color-changing room. He kisses Pooky, before unleashing unspeakable horror upon Odie, stomping the hapless dog until Odie is a flattened, somehow-charred mess}
Garfield: Thanks, Odie
{Jon enters}
Jon: Garfield! You killed Odie! What am I going to tell Lyman?
Garfield: I guess we'll have to kill him, too
{Jon and Garfield get in the car and leave the house}
Jon: I'll park the car under this arc-sodium light. I have to take care of something first.
{Jon and Liz share a kiss}
Jon {elated}: So glad I wore my chambray work shirt!
Garfield: Let's hurry up and kill Lyman. I'm hungry.
{Jon and Garfield enter Irma's diner and take their usual seats}
Irma: Evenin', hon. What'll it be?
Jon: Information.
{Garfield grabs Irma by the neck}
Garfield: Where's Lyman?
Irma {crying}: Is this a joke? Lyman overdosed years ago! I loved him! You spoke at his funeral, Jon!
{Garfield and Jon are surprised to hear this}
{Jon and Garfield enter Lyman's old apartment. Garfield is holding an old photo of the four of them, during happier times}
Garfield: Lyman died in the eighties! How did we forget that?
Garfield: Who did we see yesterday?
Garfield {turning to the doorway}: What's that?!
{Garfield gasps as a figure - clad in Lyman's signature four-ply, steel-belted, radial retread tenny pumps - runs through a doorway}
{The next room. An undead Lyman is choking the life out of Jon}
Lyman: You killed me for my dog! Now, join him!
Garfield {clawing Lyman's undead leg}: I'm sorry, Jon!
{Garfield tries to kill Lyman, but Lyman wins the fight, and beats Garfield with a newspaper}
Lyman: No! No!
{Will Garfield survive? No. The final scene is Garfield's grave}

{Muncie, Indiana. 27 years later. From inside a house, an older cat is watching his younger brother play in the rain. Nermal rides inside a rollerskate, chasing a floating paper boat, until it comes to a stop near a sewer. Inside the sewer is a clown that looks suspiciously like the late Garfield}
Rotundo the Clown: Hey, kid. I've got frozen pudding pops down here.

The author writes:

No one knew Lyman was on drugs. That's what made his unexpected fatal overdose so painful. Jon was delighted to inherit a dog — almost too happy, some people say. As the weeks passed, Irma was so distraught over her lover's death that her cooking became inedible. Finally, unable to cope with the loss, she exhumed his body and re-buried Lyman in the Pet Sematary.

Please note that this comic breaks the Lyman-Irma continuity I established in SRoMG #3742. Why? Because the comic adaptation is always worse than the book. To read the original version (with the uncut and awkward Jon and Liz sex scene), please tweet at Stephen King hourly until he is compelled to write this.

Screenshots from Garfield & Friends and Stephen King’s IT: Chapter One.

Original strips: 1978-08-14, 1978-08-15, 1978-10-03, 1978-11-03, 1979-07-21, 1979-09-17, 1980-03-15, 1980-10-06, 1980-11-03, 1981-01-02, 1981-06-13, 1981-07-06, 1981-12-19, 1982-10-27, 1982-10-28, 1986-09-18, 1989-10-26.