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No. 4201: Baba Eat Lasagna

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Baba Eat Lasagna

First | Previous | 2020-11-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4201

Strip by: Theopold

{The statement "IS MOVE" is visible, and so are Me, Keke, and Baba. Baba is orange to match Garfield, and Keke is blue to match Jon. Me is purple to match himself. Keke and Baba are having a conversation while Me has the word "Baba" in his possession}
Keke: Guess what just happened!
Baba: I decided to leave the room!?
{Me forms the statement "BABA IS MOVE", causing Baba to walk offscreen away from Keke, leaving a few clouds of dust}

The author writes:

This is a reference to Baba Is You, a top-down puzzler. If you don't know, the game codes itself on the fly. The code is written down inside the level, and here's the catch: you can edit the code itself by walking up to it and moving the words. You can create the statement "ROCK is PUSH" so that you can move rocks the same way you can move text. Or you can take the word "ROCK" over to the statement "BABA is YOU" and create "ROCK is YOU" to play as a rock instead of Baba. Or better yet, "KEKE is MOVE" which makes Keke walk forwards and turn around at objects which are STOP, meaning they are part of the equation "_ is STOP" and will stop other objects from passing through them. By default, nothing can be interacted with except code.

Original strip: 2018-02-24.