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No. 4153: Crumbfield

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First | Previous | 2020-10-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4153

Strip by: Cruelhouse

Hey Boparee Stoned
Omigod he stoned
Like nobody's bizness stoned
Sick in the haid stoned
Stone cold daid stoned
Whatthehell IS this stoned?
Chicken: He she it stoned!
Garfield: Epileptic fit stoned
Jon: Phoney baloney own stoned
Call 'em on the phone stoned
Garfield: through the looking glass stoned
Jon: Shove it up your ass stoned!
Banner: Ha ha funny clown stoned
Garfield: All fall down stoned
Shoot 'em in the back stoned
Jon: Yakkity yakkity yak stoned
Girl Scout: All God's chillun stoned
Garfield: Eatin watermelon stoned
Narration: Psychotic acid freak
Narration: stoned
Garfield: G'wan and take a leak stoned
Liz: Whatta livin' doll stoned
Jon: ...and don't forget your gallstoned!!
Garfield: Gonna fry in hell stoned
Garfield: Constipated ape stoned
Narration: Statutory grape stoned
This is really it stoned
Garfield: One enormous tit stoned
Badge: Streets of Laredo stoned
Jon: Look a white tornado stoned
Castles in the Air stoned
Garfield: Almost gets you there stoned
A-one an' a-two stoned
Me Tarzan you stoned
Jon: Falling down drunk stoned
Liz: Shooting up junk
Jon: Stoned
Garfield: Woke up this morn stoned
Garfield's Mom: Just like bein' born stoned
Garfield: Around your neck a millstoned
Hurt destroy kill stoned
Jon: Dirty old man stoned
Cute li'l Peter Pan stoned
Narration: Ultra super cool stoned
Jus' another fool stoned
Shmuck from Keokuk stoned
Garfield: You wanna buy a duck stoned?
Jon: Look Ma the pope stoned!
Garfield: Most amazing dope stoned
Jon: Everything is now stoned
Narration: Macro cosmic ever-flowing love-lite WOW stoned

The author writes:

I've always been a big Robert Crumb fan, but it's kind of weird how he and Jim Davis never collaborated.

Original strips: 1978-07-29, 1978-10-09, 1978-10-28, 1978-10-29, 1979-06-26, 1980-02-10, 1980-05-09, 1980-10-03, 1980-11-07, 1981-03-18, 1982-05-09, 1982-08-04, 1983-02-20, 1983-08-17, 1984-07-22, 1984-12-11, 1985-09-13, 1985-11-02, 1987-11-29, 1987-12-09, 1988-06-28, 1988-09-07, 1989-03-14, 1989-09-07, 1989-10-25, 1989-10-28, 1990-12-28, 1991-05-02, 1991-11-24, 1994-01-16, 1994-09-21, 1996-02-13, 1997-02-22, 1997-07-12, 1997-07-13, 1997-09-28, 1997-12-30, 1998-11-30, 1999-03-16, 2000-10-08, 2000-10-24, 2001-07-06, 2003-02-02, 2006-01-22, 2006-07-20, 2013-02-19, 2013-04-21.