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No. 4084: Saturday Morning Breakfast Garfield

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Garfield

First | Previous | 2020-07-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4084

Strip by: Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

Garfield {eating lasagna}: Regret... it surrounds you, but like an invisible foe. When you look for it, you find emptiness. And yet, it remains.
Garfield {turning away from view}: Deficiencies can be fixed. Desires can be fulfilled. But regret... Regret is permanent. Inoperable.
Garfield {close to camera, looking exhausted}: But I realized the truth. Regret can't hide if I envelop it. If I encompass it in my body.
Garfield {eating lasagna, mouth a massive void}: Yes, I love lasagna. But not for the taste, for I only taste shame. Not for the satiation, for in this world of shadows there is no satiety.
Garfield {wide, pained grimace}: If I can only grow to the size of the universe, I will contain space and time. What's been and what's to be will exist as one in the chaotic architecture of my leviathan body.
Garfield {drooping, in silhouette}: And when past becomes present, I will reach across the gulf of time and grip that one awful moment, and I will say "I'M SORRY. I'm sorry, and I love you."
{Panels of Garfield swallowing lasagna, undergoing a mental breakdown and sinking into a deep survivors' guilt-induced depression}
Garfield {depressed}: I hate Mondays.
Garfield {outside of frame}: Monday is the day I could have saved him.
{A portrait of Odie is revealed, and we realize Garfield is in mourning for his one true love, blaming himself for the awful moment where he lost that which he didn't even know he needed}

The author writes:

I was quite frankly amazed that this prime example of Weird Garfield Fandom from the illustrious Zach Weinersmith had not yet been SRoMGed. May my humble offering be acceptable.

Original Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal strip: 2012-06-16.

Original strips: 1979-05-09, 1982-05-06, 1982-06-13, 1983-04-25, 1983-10-19, 1989-10-29, 1995-04-06, 2005-11-16, 2008-05-16, 2011-05-07.