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No. 4077: Garfield Alignment Chart

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Garfield Alignment Chart

First | Previous | 2020-07-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4077

Strip by: Luke99

Lawful Good: Liz Wilson "It's short for Lizard."
Neutral Good: Grandma Arbuckle "Ha ha! I remember when all we had was wood-burning cats!"
Chaotic Good: Odie "Bark!"
Lawful Neutral: Jon Arbuckle "Our only thought is to entertain you."
Neutral: Lyman "Don't look in Jon's basement."
Chaotic Neutral: Nermal "Of course the coffee and cigarettes don't hurt."
Lawful Evil: Irma "How you want your eggs, boys, too salty or too greasy?"
Neutral Evil: Garfield "Feed me."
Chaotic Evil: Binky the Clown "HEEEEEEEY, KIIIIIIIIIDS!!!!!!"

The author writes:

When I initially got the idea for making an ordinary alignment chart, that most fundamental of memes, imagine my surprise when I saw it hadn't been done yet at all! I searched for "alignment", "grid", "lawful", "neutral", "chaotic", "dungeons", "dragons", just about any word associated with this and it hadn't been done. Well, never let a good meme go to waste so I've submitted one at last! (Or at least there's an editor note affixed pointing to where there is one on the site).

For those of you who may have your own ideas where members of the Garfield cast align, allow me to offer my reasoning.