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No. 4050: Garf N Ors

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Garf N Ors

First | Previous | 2020-06-20 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4050

Strip by: JakeLeB

{Orson the Pig is standing on a table, bored. Garfield is also there, equally bored}
Orson: Don't ruin today
{Garfield gives a smirk to Orson}
Garfield: Okay
{Garfield turns and walks away, looking back at Orson with a naughty grin}
Garfield: See you tomorrow
{Orson gives a worried look to the audience}
{The very next day, "Have you seen me?" images of Orson begin to appear on milk cartons}

The author writes:

There's a popular Garfield and Friends review series called "Garf Gab" on YouTube and Dailymotion. In that series, the reviewer, Wyatt Duncan, has a rather strong hatred for the "and friends" bit of the show, U.S. Acres, also known as Orson's Farm. While watching that series, I began to think about Garfield actually crossing over with Orson in a comic. Thus, this was created.

By the way, no, Orson did not die after this comic. He just got shipped to Abu Dhabi with Nermal.

Original U.S. Acres strip: 1988-04-21.

Original strip: 2020-02-17.