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No. 405: A Good Meal

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A Good Meal

First | Previous | 2010-06-28 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=405

Strip by: Andrew Kepple

Mrs Ernsberger: You boys look like you need a good meal.
Garfield: We're starved.
Mrs Ernsberger: Well come in. Eat! Eat!
Garfield: There you go, Odie.
Garfield: There are some good hearted people in this old world.
Sign on window: Peking Order Chinese Restaurant.

The author writes:

In the real version, they were going into a pet store, where Jon later ended up buying them back. Imagine the look of surprise on Jon's face, were this twisted version to continue along similar lines...

[Note added after publication: I would choose not to publish this strip now due to racist content. I leave it here as historical record, as I am a very strong believer in cataloguing and pointing out mistakes, rather than removing them and pretending they never happened.]

Original strip: 1986-09-22.