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No. 3993: Build MY Take That

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Build MY Take That

First | Previous | 2020-04-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3993

Strip by: Camwoodstock & Tori

{Jon is listening to "Build Our Machine" on his phone}
Song: They have sent you a letter, / To come back home to play, / But to your dismay. / This isn't your day -
{Garfield does what should be done, and smashes the phone with a mallet}
Jon: I LIKED that fansong!
Garfield: Trust me. The world is now a better place

The author writes:

Bendy & The Ink Machine is an indie horror game that, by the time this strip is published, will be ransacked by popular YouTubers into nothing but a playground for little children and be drained of any horror aspect or creativity in spite of how genuinely decent, scary, and creative of a game it is. As of submitting, only chapter 2 of 5 is released, by the way. So it's not even fully released.*

After 1 month of hearing the same two fansongs for the game courtesy of my younger brother, I started going insane. The last straw was going on vacation to a cabin with limited internet and a lake... And not only does he SING the songs in the lake, the one place I thought I could avoid it due to lack of electricity, but he then proceeded to waste gigabytes of the limited internet on videos, resulting in us having slower internet for the remaining FIVE DAYS OF SEVEN.

Naturally, I did myself a favor and made this one. Truly, the world would be a better place without this.

[*Looks like it is now. -Ed]

Original strip: 2012-04-02.