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No. 389: Darkerfield

First | Previous | 2010-06-12 | Next | Latest


First | Previous | 2010-06-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=389

Strip by: DanielBT

{Garfield appears in silhouette}
Garfield: Jon, wake up!
Garfield: I have news!
SFX: click!
Jon: Ha, ha! Do I feel stupid.
Garfield: That's because you are stupid.
SFX: click click
Jon: But we still have lots of canned goods.
Jon: How about a game of cards?
Garfield: No, thanks. I'm just gong to sit here and cry for a while.
Jon: When you are deprived of your eyesight, isn't it amazing how much keener your other senses become?
Garfield: Huh?
SFX: click!
Jon: Wanna see?
Garfield: Urp!
Garfield: Hey! it's true! I can see!
SFX: click
Garfield: I see a whole lot of dark.
Garfield: Faster than the speed of dark.
SFX: click!
Jon: Don't let the thing in the closet get you.
Garfield: Get your fingers out of my eyes and your thumb out of my mouth and I'll consider it.
Garfield: We cats love to roam around in the dark.
Garfield: Our keen eyesight allows us to see perfectly in the blackest of...
SFX: Goosh!
SFX: shuffle scrape scrape shuffle
Garfield: I was afraid of this.
SFX: click
{eyes in the darkness}
SFX: smack
SFX: smack munch slurp
Voice: Hark! Kaff! Kaff! Gasp! Snort! Snort! Snaaaark!
SFX: click
Jon: Z
Jon: Z-
Jon: Wha? Who? Are you a monster?!
SFX: slurp!
Jon: Odie! It's you! Sure, you can sleep with me.
Jon: Yaaaah! Now who are you?!
Odie: Yip!
Garfield: Sorry about that, Odie.
Garfield: Hello, what's this? It feels like a big old loaf of pumpernickel.
{Garfield's eyes wide}
Thought in the dark: Hmmmm...
Thought in the dark: It's that time of night.

The author writes:

This is an assembled collection of entirely black Garfield panels arranged in the manner of a Horror movie. In case it's not entirely clear, Jon is firing an empty gun in the 5th & 6th panels. Why he keeps firing at Garfield isn't entirely clear. Then later when Odie yelps, Jon's clearly throwing him to the wolves. Then he feels a roundish object that causes the kind of unspeakable carnage we could only imagine about.

Exactly who is thinking the last lines is something I'll leave to the readers themselves.

I took the opportunity to hide the copyright information between the panels, as well as changing Garfield's eyelids.

Original strips: 1978-09-08, 1979-09-16, 1979-12-14, 1982-02-12, 1984-07-10, 1984-07-11, 1984-07-12, 1984-07-13, 1984-07-14, 1984-10-05, 1985-09-01, 1987-06-05, 1987-09-27, 1988-01-22, 1988-06-13, 1988-11-20, 1993-06-21, 1995-06-11, 1995-07-09, 1995-11-05, 2005-01-17.