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No. 3783: Odie's Mind 4

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Odie's Mind 4

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3783

Strip by: Muchacho1994

Garfield: Have a bowl of rocks, Odie!
{Odie is shocked when he sees Garfield has indeed filled his dog bowl with rocks. He can't believe Garfield thinks he's that gullible}
Odie: Is he serious?! Does he actually think I'm so stupid that I'll eat rocks without a second thought?!!
Odie {off-panel}: Well, fine. If he wants to see me eat rocks and hurt myself, I'll do it, because I want him to be happy. And I might as well anyway, because I just don't even care anymore
{So, against his better judgement, he starts eating the rocks}
SFX: crunch crunch crunch crunch
{Garfield returns to see Odie miserably eating from his bowl of rocks. Although his mouth is closed, his teeth crack and shatter with each "crunch", and at the same time, the rocks scrape his gums, causing blood to start pooling inside his mouth. Nevertheless, Odie continues to eat the rocks, despite the unbearably awful pain}
Odie: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! AAAARRRRGGG!! OH, GOD!!!!! I hope you know I'm only sacrifing my ability to eat to please you, Garfield, because I am in pure agony right now!
SFX: crunch crunch crunch crunch
Garfield {looking somewhat interested}: That sounds kinda good
{Don't even think about it, Garfield.}

The author writes:

After years of being abused by Garfield and rarely being shown any respect, Odie has all but given up on his life. He struggles to maintain a happy face, and wonders why he even lets Garfield treat him the way he treats him. However, he still loves Garfield dearly. He can't bear the idea of disappointing him, and is willing to do anything Garfield wants him to. And, due to the apathy resulting from his depression, this includes destroying his mouth and jaws with rocks.

I think I made myself sad. :(

I wonder if other people will start making these too?

Original strip: 2002-10-05.