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No. 3772: Miami Garf

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Miami Garf

First | Previous | 2019-09-16 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3772

Strip by: Matthew Prower

{We open inside a car}
Guy: To hang a picture, that's all he wanted. He never expected anyone to get confused...
{Garfield stares in disbelief, then strangles him like the jerk he is}
Garfield: I thought I was a DOG!
{Garfield continues to strangle the poor sap}
{Snoopy restrains Garfield and pulls him back from the stranglee}
{Garfield walks back to the car, while Snoopy gives a sad look}
{Car driving in the night occurs}
Garfield: How much time we got?
Snoopy: About a few two hours, G.
{Garfield and Snoopy drive past a boat reading,"CONSTANTLY CHANGING", and then stop at a cafe reading, "SATURDAY NIGHT ALREADY?"}
{Garfield calls the phone}
Bernice: Honestly, I don't know what's-
Bernice: Hang on, I gotta talk-back.
{The phone is answered}
Bernice: Hello?
Garfield: Bernice?
Bernice: ....Garfield?
{The next few lines are delivered in a text message style}
Garfield: I need to know something... When my owner asked me what I thought of one of your frames...
Bernice: Yeah?
Garfield: Well, I looked into it. And I saw a dog.
{Back to the normal dialogue style i guess}
Garfield: Who was that dog?
Bernice: Could be yours, I suspect. Garfield, what's wrong?
Garfield: I thought the picture frame was a mirror.
{Garfield and Snoopy drive away, park at a deck and run to the ship}
Dilbert: Where to, G?
Garfield: Miami. Step on it.
Snoopy: Cool your horses, G...
{As they sail off, we see the ship is named Grafield}
Jon: What do you think of my new frame, Garfield?
Garfield: ARRRGH!
Garfield: Thank heavens! For a moment there I thought it was a mirror
Caption: oh lord...

The author writes:

I'll be darned if this is released on Miami Vice's premiere date.

Original Lasagna Cat video: 2017-02-23.

Original strip: 1984-10-20.