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No. 3721: Garfield Content Aware Scale

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Garfield Content Aware Scale

First | Previous | 2019-07-27 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3721

Strip by: Michael Jacoby

Strip 1:
{The whole strip is compressed and distorted to fit the bronze ratio}
{Garfield is sulking}
Garfield: Poor m
Garfield: Sigh...a vici...bru...dog has moved ...ome...
{Odie comes happily panting toward Garfield}
{The cat briefly closes his eyes and grabs Odie by the throat}
{Garfield slaps Odie across the face multiple times}
{As Garfield briefly becomes even fatter than his 1978 self, he dribbles Odie like a basketball}
{Garfield finally kicks Odie far away, into another part of the Arbuckle abode}
Garfield {walking away as his face partially disappears}: How will...ever survive?

Strip 2:
{This one is compressed and distorted to the dimensions of the silver ratio}
{There's a major snowstorm happening outside, with winds strong enough to tilt the Arbuckle house slightly}
{Lyman puts on a green coat and a blue hat}
Lyman {in a panel with barely enough room for him and his speech bubble}: Here, Odie!
{Lyman happily attaches a leash to Odie's collar, as the dog remains merrily unaware}
{Lyman is about to exit the front door and into the snowy weather as Jon sits down in a purple robe and smoking a pipe (remember that this is late 1978, early in the comic's run)}
Jon: Isn't it a little cold to take Odie for a walk?
Lyman: Nonsense
{Sometime later, how much isn't exactly clear (a few seconds or minutes, maybe? I don't know.), a sullen Lyman re-enters the house with Odie petrified from the cold weather, much to Jon's surprise}

Strip 3:
{This last one is compressed and distorted to fit the most famous of the metallic means, the golden ratio}
{Garfield is holding some stuff in his mouth}
{Garfield spits out a tennis ball, with enough force to have the onomatopoeia slightly break through the panel borders}
Garfield: PTOOEY!
{First two panels as before}
Garfield: PTOOEY!
{The first two panels again}
Garfield: PTOOEY!
{It's revealed in a wide shot that Jon is practicing tennis and using Garfield as a sort of tennis ball machine, with the cat grabbing a ball from a nearby basket and stuffing them in his mouth}
Jon: Okay, Garfield. Now give me some high lobs
{And the strip ends, as we, the audience, figure out just what Jon meant by "high lobs"; is it some kind of tennis vernacular? Or something else...?}

The author writes:

I've been having this idea to apply the content aware scale meme, often seen in YouTube videos, to Garfield strips. I once thought of having the appropriate strips be content aware scaled to the appropriate ratios (50th strip would be scaled to the golden ratio, 25th strip to the silver ratio, 8th strip to the bronze ratio). But when I tested them, they didn't produce visually interesting results, so I tried the Sunday strips, as they have more content than dailies, and would thus have a more interesting appearance when distorted accordingly.

Original strips: 1978-08-13, 1978-12-10, 1979-06-03.