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No. 3668: No Sundays This Week in Schadenfreude

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No Sundays This Week in Schadenfreude

First | Previous | 2019-06-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3668

Strip by: Kavviyenta

Strip 1:
{Garfield is sleeping}
{Suddenly, Jon trips over him, spilling his groceries}
Jon: How many times have I told you not to lie in the middle of the living room?!
Garfield: I can't win

Strip 2:
{Jon carries Garfield's food dish to him, unaware he's about to step on a bell}
Jon: Here you go, ol' bu-
{Jon falls over with the food in his face}
Garfield: The service is average, the food is okay, but the floor show is spectacular

Strip 3:
{Garfield is lying on the table as Jon walks by. Jon falls down hard and takes some effort to get up and glares at Garfield}
Jon: I hate you
Garfield: I don't recall giving you permission to walk on my marble collection

Strip 4:
{Jon is lying down in his kiddie pool}
Jon: Kicking back and relaxing in my very own po-...
{Garfield drops down on Jon, much to the latter's horror}
{A crater is formed where the kiddie pool was}
Garfield: That was fun! Blow it up again!
Jon: Kindly remove your foot from my nostril so that I may kill you

Strip 5:
{Jon is sleeping peacefully while Garfield frowns at this}
Jon: Alright! Alright!! I'll fix your breakfast!!!
{Garfield is revealed to have pulled both blankets and Jon's pajamas}

Strip 6:
{Jon stares out the window. Suddenly, the sash falls right on his lips as Garfield walks by. Garfield takes the opportunity to flap Jon's lips much to the latter's dismay}

Strip 7:
{Jon whistles as he prepares to enter the shower stall}
Garfield: COWABUNGA!
{Water comes rushing out as Garfield surfs on an ironing board and Jon looks terrified. They end up on the wall}
Jon: Why can't you bat at a piece of string like other cats?!

The author writes:

Just some random Sunday strips of Garfield tormenting Jon, all shortened and no less sadistic than usual.

Original strips: 1987-06-07, 1989-03-12, 1989-06-11, 1990-01-14, 1992-02-16, 1993-06-20, 1999-07-04.