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No. 3661: Same Joke, But Gay

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Same Joke, But Gay

First | Previous | 2019-05-28 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3661

Strip by: Jacob Huller

{Garfield spots cat}
Garfield: There's one cute chicky-boo!
Garfield: He could sharpen his claws on my hassock any time
Garfield: I wonder if he'd like to go to the big caterwauling on Elm Street tonight
Francine: Well, hello there, Garfield
Garfield: Oh, hi, Francine

The author writes:

There was a SRoMG strip sometime back (the number escapes me)* that changed Garfield's dialogue in the November 30, 1980 strip so he was attracted to guys, but they changed the joke at the end so the mysterious cat of Garfield's attraction was still Frank. With this strip, Frank is changed to Francine, so the joke is fundamentally the same as the original comic. But in this version Garfield is gay. Because reasons.

*[#2773, "Garfield Plus Diversity" -Ed]

Original strip: 1980-11-30.