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No. 3627: Steersmanfield

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First | Previous | 2019-04-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3627

Strip by: Michael Jacoby

Strip 1:
{Jon is at the table with Garfield finishing a piece of chicken, leaving a bone}
Jon: Computers... Everything is controlled by computers these days.
{Garfield tosses the bone onto the plate in front of him}
Jon: That chicken you ate was even raised by a computer.
Garfield: BURP!

Strip 2:
{Garfield is staring happily (perhaps too happily) at the computer}
Jon: What are you watching on the computer?
{Jon's eyes widen}
Jon: Is that the one we ordered?
Garfield: Yep!
{Garfield looks at us}
Garfield: Pizza cam!

Strip 3:
{Garfield is startled by Jon yelling}
{Garfield goes to Jon at the computer}
Jon: I don't believe it! I spent all morning composing a compassionate, tender love sonnet to Liz...
{Jon storms out in an angry huff}
Garfield {to computer}: You didn't crash, didn't [sic] you?
Computer {apparently never hearing of 4chan or trolls}: Even the internet has its standards...

Strip 4:
Jon: So you're going to be 18 soon, huh Garfield?
Garfield {annoyed}: Thanks for the reminder.
Jon: I remember back on the farm, when I turned 18 I really cut lose [sic].
Garfield: Uh-huh.
Jon: My buddies and I went out cow tipping.
{Garfield notices Odie}
{Garfield tips Odie}
{Odie falls to the ground, oblivious to Garfield tipping him}
Jon: Huh? Huh? Was that fun or what?
Garfield {walking away}: Whatever milks your guernsey.

The author writes:

These strips are showcases of the typeface I created a few months ago, Steersman, for my own webcomics. I've been having some second thoughts on it and am looking for extra feedback to see how I can improve it; upon publication onto the SRoMG site, I will open a talkback post in the forums where users can give their critique.

I couldn't find any Garfield strips that dealt specifically with typefaces or fonts, so I wanted to find the strip about the chicken being raised by a computer, because Steersman was made on a computer. I tried looking for it on the Garfield website by typing "computer", but there were many results among which were strips 2 and 3 (and recent SRoMG strips influenced by selection of strip 2). I remembered the first strip by looking it up in my copy of Garfield: Bigger Than Life. I've been also planning to use the 1996 strip, from The Eleventh Garfield Fat-Cat 3-Pack, mainly due to its verbose content, perfect for testing out a typeface (and yes, I mistakenly left out Odie's panting in the last panel).

Original strips: 1980-03-20, 1996-06-16, 2008-02-24, 2011-03-11.