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No. 361: For Science!

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For Science!

First | Previous | 2010-05-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=361

Strip by: Quaternion

Jon: Now, Garfield, Nermal came to help with the experiment.
Jon: Keep going! {Garfield has thrown Nermal through the front door}
Garfield: Hee, hee, ha, ho, ha, ho.
Jon: I need more data!
Caption: 6 hours later...
Jon: Okay, Garfield. I've done all the math.
{A plot showing a Nermal curve}
Jon: Fascinating!
Garfield: Fascinating is not the word I would use. Interesting should suffice. So what do we have for lunch?
Garfield: What else? Chicken, lettuce, tomato.

The author writes:



Original strips: 1980-03-05, 1990-05-05, 1997-06-18, 1999-07-01, 1999-07-02.