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No. 3603: Deltafield

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First | Previous | 2019-03-31 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3603

Strip by: RicochetProductions

Garfield {walking on Jon's old cartoonist set}: Hmmm, Jon's drawing board. Hmmm, some paper. Hmmm, some ink
Writing: Once upon a time, a legend was whispered among the shadows. It was a legend of HOPE, and it was a legend of DREAMS. It was a legend of LIGHT, and it was a legend of DARK. This is the legend of DELTA RUNE.
Writing: For millennia, LIGHT and DARK have lived in balance, bringing peace to the WORLD. But if that harmony were to shatter... a terrible calamity would occur. The sky will run black with terror, and the land will crack with fear. Then, her heart pounding, the EARTH will draw from her final breath. Only then, with shining hope, three HEROES would appear at WORLD'S edge. A HUMAN, a MONSTER, and a PRINCE FROM THE DARK.
Writing: Only they can seal the fountains and banish the ANGEL'S HEAVEN. Only then will balance be restored, and the WORLD saved from destruction. Today, the FOUNTAIN of DARKNESS-the geyser that gives land form-Stands tall at the center of the kingdom.
Writing: But recently, another fountain has appeared among the horizon, and with it, the balance of LIGHT and DARK begins to shift...
Jon {entering the room}: Hey, Garfield.
{Jon picks up Garfield's paper, covered with pawprints and ink}
Jon: What's this?
Garfield: Oh, just some paw prints

The author writes:

The writing on the paper is from DELTARUNE, by Toby Fox.

Original strip: 1979-03-18.