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No. 3575: The Chamber Of Horrors

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The Chamber Of Horrors

First | Previous | 2019-03-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3575

Strip by: Muk

{Garfield title card}
Jon: Here we are at the chamber of horrors
Garfield: I prefer to think of it as the veterinary clinic
{Jon sets Garfield on the table}
Garfield: ARRRGH!
{Garfield points to a stethoscope}
Garfield: Hello, Garfield
{Garfield holds up some scissors}
Garfield: I don't even want to know where this goes
{Garfield holds a long, twisty stick.}
Garfield: I wonder what she intends to snip off with this?
{Liz appears}
Liz: Just as I thought, it's icy cold
Garfield: I wish doctors wouldn't leave their instruments sitting out
{Garfield faints}
Liz: Hello, Garfield

The author writes:

I got the idea to swap Garfield and Jon's lines in the first panel. I tried not to use the same phrase more than once, but I didn't find any good spots for Jon and Liz's dialogue in the last panel. I thought it would be funny for Liz to be sarcastic and Jon to say "ARRGH!" in the same way Garfield did.

Original strip: 1982-11-21.