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No. 3561: Garfield's Inside Story

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Garfield's Inside Story

First | Previous | 2019-02-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3561

Strip by: Fastfur07

Garfield: Z
Garfield: SNORE
{The mice jump into Garfield's mouth. Garfield then spits them out}
Garfield: Z
Mouse #1: Yay!
Mouse #2: Yah-hoo!
Garfield: SNORE
{Mice once again jump into Garfield's mouth. However, they don't jump out this time...}
Mouse #?: Whee!
Mouse #?: Yee-ha!
Garfield: Thrill seekers

The author writes:

To quote SullyPwnz:

"One might think that he would actually swallow them and kill them, but obviously that's not the case. They're not dead, he doesn't actually chew them, he just swallows 'em, and then inside his belly, it's not like there's anything bad, I'm pretty sure it's just, er, it's like it's just a big, elastic playhouse, I guess, is what you could describe it as."

Having fun in there, boys?

Note: The quote comes from part 19 of SullyPwnz's playthrough of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, at 7:44. Check it out, he plays good games!

Original strip: 1993-06-13.