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No. 3440: Donut Infighting

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Donut Infighting

First | Previous | 2018-10-19 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3440

Strip by: Rassilon T. Davies

Panel 1:
{A donut on a plate, with a sign}
Sign: John's Donut
Panel 2:
{Paul McCartney approaches the donut, a mischievous look on his face}
Sign: John's Donut
Panel 3:
{The donut is gone, only a trail of crumbs are left behind. An exasperated John Lennon observes the scene, where a second sign has been added above the first}
Sign: George and Ringo ate
Sign: John's Donut

The author writes:

The real reason why The Beatles broke up, revealed at last! Delightfully devilish, McCartney.

Unfortunately, the images are... just a *bit* anachronistic. Paul's from the early mop-top days, while John seems to be from the solo era. I went with whatever photos I could find that had the most fitting facial expression, and this is what I got. It's a joke comic, so it's probably fine.

As a side note, John's hair was a pain to deal with, and I'm honestly surprised it turned out as well as it did.

Originally I was going to have Paul pin the crime on Yoko, and John would have said "Not buying it, Ringo!". This left George out of the equation, though, so I decided to rewrite.

[[Original strip: 2012-04-09.]]

Original strip: 2012-04-09.