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No. 328: Garfield of Leaves

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Garfield of Leaves

First | Previous | 2010-04-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=328

Strip by: Archie Anderson

Garfield: Brrr, there's a chill in here this morning.
Caption: Locked fast within a time when he no longer exists, Garfield grapples with his greatest fear
Caption: After years of taking life for granted, Garfield is shaken by horrifying vision of the inevitable process called "Time"
Caption: He has only one weapon. DENIAL
{Garfield reaches eagerly for a proffered food bowl}
Garfield: Steady, Garfield, there must be a good reason why the house is empty.
Garfield: What an eerie sensation.
Garfield: Jon? Odie?
Garfield: Anybody home?
Caption: ...LONELINESS
{The food bowl vanishes into illusion as Garfield, inverted, bifurcates into a positive and negative version}
Garfield: Jon must at the grocery.
Garfield: This doesn't feel like my home.
{Garfield screams and runs through a doorway}
Garfield: {mirror image} What's that?!
Garfield: {mirror image} But, that means... I haven't lived here for years!
Garfield: {mirror image} My home has been abandoned. No one has lived here for years!
{Sideways picture of Jon's house, boarded up and in disrepair, with a "For Sale" sign out the front}
Caption: As imagination is a powerful tool. It can tint memories of the present, or paint a future so vivid that it can entice... or terrify, all depending upon how we conduct ourselves today...

The author writes:

Ever since I discovered Square Root of Minus Garfield, I've been meaning to contribute but never had a good idea. Then, recently I finished reading House of Leaves, and thought I'd make an attempt to redo the famous Halloween 1989 storyline in Danielewski's trademark psychotic style.

Original strips: 1989-10-23, 1989-10-24, 1989-10-25, 1989-10-26, 1989-10-27, 1989-10-28.