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No. 3172: Crayonfield

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First | Previous | 2018-01-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3172

Strip by: Az0riusG4mer

[First photo]
Jon: Good evening, Lori, my dear. Our dinner awaits.
Jon: Your steak, madam.
{Lori looks increasingly horrified throughout the strip}
SFX/Odie: Pant pant pant
Jon: Odie! Get out of here!
Garfield: RRRRR
Jon: Gimme that!
Jon: Let go! Let go! Let go!
Jon: What's with her?
Garfield: Pet hater
[Second photo]
Jon: Guess what I got at a garage sale today, Garfield?
Garfield: You got my attention.
Jon: Tah-dah!
{Garfield looks unamused}
Jon {smiling}: Isn't it great?
Garfield: That diet must've been murder, huh fella?
Garfield: I can't believe Jon actually bought that thing. What good is it?
{Garfield has an idea}
Garfield: Maw! Come quick! The cow's sick!
{The cow skull is on Odie's head}
[Third photo]
Jon: Hey mom, guess what I got at a garage sale?
Jon: I bought one of those cow skulls like you see in the old westerns.
Garfield {snickering}: Behind you, Jon!
{Odie appears, with the cow skull still on his head}
Jon: Hang on, mom, I think I'm about to scream or something.
{Garfield has almost lost his ability to contain laughter}
Jon: Garfield, did you know everything evolves from a lower life form?
Garfield: I didn't know that
Garfield: Why of course! It all makes sense now!
Garfield {pointing to Odie and a rock}: Rocks evolved from dogs.
[Photo 4]
Jon: Garfield! What are you doing?!
Garfield: I'm unraveling your dental floss.
Jon: I hate that!
Garfield: Oh, very well. Tomorrow we'll do something you like.
Jon: Here you go Garfield!
{Jon presents Garfield with a wind-up mouse}
Garfield {looking at smashed wind-up mouse}: It doesn't have much of a sense of humor, does it?
[Photo 5]
{Angry Garfield stares at birdbath in which a group of birds is playing}
{Garfield has an idea, signified by an overused idea bulb}
{The birds fly away as Garfield dumps the water from the birdbath}
{Garfield fills his mouth from a hose}
{Garfield stands in wait for birds to land in his mouth}
{A big fat bird is now in Garfield's mouth}
[Photo 6]
Garfield: Z
{Garfield wakes up}
Garfield: Must be Monday.
{Someone is sawing a hole in the table under Garfield's bed}
{Garfield is eating}
Jon: You know, Garfield...
Jon: I wouldn't say you're fat, but...
{Garfield stuffs his empty food bowl in Jon's mouth}
Garfield: Then don't.
[Seventh & final photo]
Jon: I bought you a surprise today, Garfield.
{Garfield anticipates said surprise eagerly}
Jon {smiling}: It's a sweater made especially for you!
{The sweater says "WIDE LOAD"; Garfield is now mad}
{The sweater is stuffed in Jon's mouth; note the sleeves coming out his ears}
Garfield: YAWN
{Garfield climbs out of bed to find the blanket standing by itself}
{Garfield holds a completely firm blanket}
Garfield: I think the old blanket is due for a wash.

The author writes:

Just a bunch of photos from a copy of Garfield Rounds Out, in all of which the strips have been colored-in by crayon.

[[Original strips: 1987-05-24, 1987-05-25, 1987-05-26, 1987-05-27, 1987-05-28, 1987-05-29, 1987-05-30, 1987-05-31, 1987-06-01, 1987-06-02, 1987-06-03, 1987-06-04.]]

Original strips: 1987-05-24, 1987-05-25, 1987-05-26, 1987-05-27, 1987-05-28, 1987-05-29, 1987-05-30, 1987-05-31, 1987-06-01, 1987-06-02, 1987-06-03, 1987-06-04.