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No. 315: Garfield Epic #1

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Garfield Epic #1

First | Previous | 2010-03-30 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=315

Strip by: DanielBT

Garfield: I wonder what would happen if I just kept right on walking?
Jon: Odie, it's been 10 minutes since I sent Garfield after the paper. Go find him.
Jon: Gee, I sure miss the boys.
Jon: Garfield! Odie?! Where are you?
Garfield: Well, here I am out on my own.
SFX: sniff, sniff, sniff {Odie sniffs a garbage can}
Jon: I don't know why I should be so upset over Garfield and Odie leaving. It's not like they're family or anything.
Garfield: Gee, I'm lonely. I feel like it's just me against the world.
Garfield: I'm so tired I hurt.
{Garfield sleeps under a newspaper}
Garfield: The milkman cometh.
Jon: Odie! You sly dog! There you are.
Girl: Mommy! Look at the doggie I found. May I keep him?
Girl: How sweet!
SFX: SLURP! {Odie licks the girl's doll}
Girl: Oh, doggie. I love you and I hug you and I squeeze you! I could hold you forever!
Girl: Okay, doggie. Let's pretend you're at a tea party with all your little friends.
Girl: Oh, poor doggie. I'll bet you miss your home, don't you? I'll bet you'd like to go back to your owner. Wouldn't you?
Girl: Doggie?
Garfield: It's getting hungry out here. I hate to admit it, but I'd better find work. But, what can I do?
Garfield: I'm going to join the circus!
Binky: Listen up, cat. I'm Binky the Clown. I'm the head clown around here and don't you forget it.
Garfield: It's a little hard to ignore.
Binky: This is a slapstick. It makes a loud noise, but, it doesn't really hurt.
Binky: Ladieees and gentlemen! My assistant!... Rotundo the Clown!
Garfield: "Rotundo"?
Garfield: ODIE!
Mrs Ernsberger: You boys look like you need a good meal.
Garfield: We're starved.
Garfield: Hi, gang. What is this? Some kind of party?
Cat 2: No it's some kind of pet shop.
Garfield: This pet shop life isn't so bad. It's kind of like camp.
Cat 2: I tell you, friend, living in a pet shop is dehumanizing.
Cat 3: There's no privacy.
Cat 4: The overcrowded conditions are deplorable.
Cat 1: Amen.
Jon: Garfield! Odie!
Garfield: Jon!
Mrs Ernsberger: The cat and dog are $25 for the pair.
Jon: What a surprise to find you guys in a pet shop!

The author writes:

I condensed one of the longest 4-week Garfield stories into three separate comics. The first one is the basic plot. (I'm particularly proud of the scene of Garfield in the Alley.)

There were some slight deviations in order to make the story flow more smoothly. I switched the dates of Sept. 5 & 6 and Sept. 11 & 12 so the flow wouldn't be interrupted. This isn't unusual - I've noticed in collections of comic strips, that some strips would be relocated elsewhere.

Original strips: 1986-08-25, 1986-08-26, 1986-08-27, 1986-08-28, 1986-08-29, 1986-08-30, 1986-09-01, 1986-09-02, 1986-09-03, 1986-09-04, 1986-09-05, 1986-09-06, 1986-09-08, 1986-09-09, 1986-09-10, 1986-09-11, 1986-09-12, 1986-09-13, 1986-09-15, 1986-09-16, 1986-09-17, 1986-09-18, 1986-09-19, 1986-09-20, 1986-09-22, 1986-09-23, 1986-09-24, 1986-09-25, 1986-09-26, 1986-09-27.