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No. 301: Ask Dr. Stupid

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Ask Dr. Stupid

First | Previous | 2010-03-16 | Next | Latest

Strip by: DanielBT

Caption: Ask Dr. Stupid
Stimpy: Today's letter is from Bobby Blowfeld of Laguna who asks-- Dear Dr. Stupid, how are Garfields made?
Stimpy: Well Bobby, what you do is take a whole mess of old Garfield comics...
Stimpy: Cut 'em up...
Stimpy: Tape 'em together...
Stimpy: And voila! A new comic for your reading pleasure! Oh joy!
Letter: Ask Dr. Stupid, c/o Marvel Comics, 387 Park Ave S., N.Y., N.Y. 10016
Stimpy: Hey kids, got a question for Dr. Stupid? Write in today!

The author writes:

Here's a page from Marvel's Ren & Stimpy where Dr. Stupid answers the existence of Randomised Garfields, as evidenced from these two pages: [EDIT: (an old Garfield randomiser page, now offline)] http://malicelabs.com/garfield/

It seems somewhat appropriate that another cartoon cat explains the very nature of the Garfield beast. Seriously, what kind of cat is Stimpson J. Cat supposed to be?