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No. 3000: Mystery Science Garfield 3000

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Mystery Science Garfield 3000

First | Previous | 2017-08-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3000

Strip by: Nyperold, Lubaf, Sloublues, Jason Tank

Garfield: Brrr, there's a chill in here this morning
Crow: All right, who set the thermostat for 32?
Garfield: What an eerie sensation...
Mike: A Garfield comic that's not making you laugh? No, that's normal.
Garfield: This doesn't feel like my home
Tom: That's because it's my home! EEK!
Crow: Maybe I should put some clothes on...
Garfield: Jon? Odie?
Crow: Lym- oh, wait.
Tom: Puma?
Garfield: Anybody home?
Mike: This new Twin Peaks is kinda dull.
Crow: I never thought I'd want a dancing midget, but here we are.
Garfield: I'm alone
Narrator: You have no idea how alone you are, Garfield
Tom: But you're never alone with a narrator, Garfield!
Mike: Whoa, spooky narrator out of nowhere.
Garfield: {in a strangely drawn panel} Steady, Garfield, there must be a good reason why the house is empty
Tom: I'm huge!
Crow: And a good reason why it's raining indoors...
Garfield: {at window} Jon must be at the grocery
Mike: He's making shadow puppets!
Tom: All Jon's activities must be linked to my food intake!
{Abandoned house with a "For Sale" sign}
Mike: Aren't the Indiana suburbs nice this time of year?
Crow: So Muncie is just a suburban version of Detroit?
Garfield: My home has been abandoned.
Tom: There's even graffiti from the Jim Davis gang!
Garfield: No one has lived here for years!
Mike: Except the occasional squatter...
Garfield: What's that?
Tom: Pussycat, whooah-woah-whoooah!
{Garfield runs through a door, looks surprised}
Crow: Funky Winkerbean!? Is that you? So that's why things haven't been funny around here lately!
Garfield: Jon! Odie! You're home!
Hallucination!Jon: Hello, Garfield, have some food
Crow: Ew! No thanks Odie's already licking it!
{Hallucination!Jon and food disappears}
Crow: Here's a new diet for you, fatso!
Tom: Existence failure has occurred. Please restart the universe.
Narrator: Locked fast within a time when he no longer exists, Garfield grapples with his greatest fear... loneliness.
Crow: {before Narrator says "loneliness"} It's one of the Kung-Fu Creatures on a Rampage... 2!
{Narrator blathers on over a extreme closeup of Garfield's eye}
All: Eww! Gah! Aaaah!
Narrator: Denial...
Garfield: I don't want to be alone!
Tom: Oh no! He's conducting a denial of service attack!
{Jon and Odie appear}
Jon: Want some breakfast, Garfield?
Mike: Why does he get his wish, but not me? Ripoff!
{Garfield hugs Jon, as the Narrator starts blathering on and on}
Tom: That's great and all, but what does that have to do with anything?
Crow: Astronaut Jon Arbuckle, rescued alive, well, and of normal size some eight thousand miles away.

The author writes:

Assembled from suggestions made in this thread. If you want an epilogue, and are willing to ignore the fact that that's Mike up there and Joel in the epilogue, here you go.

[[Original strips: 1989-10-23 to 1989-10-28.

Mike and the Bots taken from Experiment 516, Alien From L.A..]]

Original strips: 1989-10-23, 1989-10-28.