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No. 2809: Square Root of Multiplied Garfield

First | Previous | 2017-01-26 | Next | Latest

Square Root of Multiplied Garfield

First | Previous | 2017-01-26 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2809

Strip by: Camwoodstock

{The strip is a mishmash of various strips, multiplied together. Some words are approximated to what they vaguely resemble.}
{Garfield is walking.}
{He stumbles upon Odie, with a strange entity. Either a girlfriend, or a clone. The multiplication makes it hard to tell.}
Garfield: Odie has a girceonend!
{Garfield leaves, looking exasperated}
Garfield: Please don't let them multiply!

The author writes:

The concept here is simple; I took all strips that involved multiplication (be it in their creation or in the transcript), put them into a layered image, and set all layers to blend via Multiplication. If the strip's resolution wasn't 600×178 (the most commonly used size for these strips) it was resized to it.

The result is a mishmash of a bunch of strips; you can faintly see each of them in there. Panel 1 was surprisingly stable, as was panel 3. It really only shows because of 2731's dark pattern, and the differences in panel 2 between 2206 and 2325.

[Admin note: The strip ended up very dark because of the multiplication operation. A quick adjustment using Photoshop's levels adjustment results in the following more legible version:]

lighter version

Original Square Root of Minus Garfield strips: #2206, #2251, #2325, #2731.