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No. 2570: EarthField

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First | Previous | 2016-06-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2570

Strip by: Anonymous

Garfield's stomach: RRRRR
Garfield: Okay, okay. Let's get something to eat.
{Garfield enters a bakery}
{Garfield is thrown out of the bakery}
Unseen man: No cats allowed!
{Garfield sees Ness entering the bakery}
{Garfield steals Ness' clothing and re-enters the bakery}
{Garfield exits the bakery with donuts and throws one to another cat}
Garfield: I've been in Eagleland for 10 minutes now, but I haven't forgotten my roots.

The author writes:

I made this because the kid's clothing in the original strip looks like Ness from EarthBound's clothing. There's not really anything else to the joke.

[[Original strip: 1984-12-16.]]

Original strip: 1984-12-16.