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No. 2510: Wacky Eyes Garfield

First | Previous | 2016-04-02 | Next | Latest

Wacky Eyes Garfield

First | Previous | 2016-04-02 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Connor McHarney

{A spider crawls onto Garfield's head}
Spider: {yodelling} Yo de lay hee hoo
{Garfield's eyes spin as the spider walks away}

The author writes:

Finally, an excuse to use what I learned in that high-school animation class (I'm not joking, it's a real class and it's great fun).

This is inspired mostly by the r/wackyeyes Reddit group, dedicated to archiving and/or creating weird animations involving editing photos or even live film to have the eyes move in silly ways. I had no luck editing photos but it recently dawned on me that it would be FAR easier to edit a cartoon cat!

I thought it would be interesting to note that this was made entirely with free software. I was originally going to animate it in GIMP, but that didn't work well for keyframe animation. I wound up falling back on Pencil2D, open-source animation software I've used on and off for years. I was ecstatic to find that some export bugs had been fixed, and while Pencil2D could not export the GIF directly, I was able to export a series of images which I imported into GIMP. So I then used GIMP to optimize the file. It's pretty small since only a small area is actually being animated, so the optimized GIF requires a relatively small amount of information. It all went smoother than expected and I completed the project in just over an hour.

The original strip was chosen because it's the strip that was posted on my birthday. It still amazes me that this comic has been running for longer than I've been alive.

[[Original strip: 1993-09-14.]]

Original strip: 1993-09-14.