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No. 2494: Jon's Instrumentality

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Jon's Instrumentality

First | Previous | 2016-03-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2494

Strip by: Kendria Perry

Garfield: {running towards Jon}: Who wants a hug?
Jon: {in eager anticipation} How about a hug, Garfield?
{Garfield & Jon share a passionate embrace}
{Jon has turned into orange juice Tang LCL, to the best of Kendria's drawing abilities. Garfield smiles dissonantly.}
Disembodied voice: It aaallll returns to nothing...

The author writes:

A long explanation for this one, because most people won't understand it otherwise. In the movie End of Evangelion, the motion picture finale to the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, a famous (some might say infamous) scene occurs near the climax, where everyone on Earth turns into the primordial soup of life, LCL, in a process called Instrumentality. They see a vision of their most loved one embracing them, before promptly turning into the soup. (Yes, it's just as weird as it sounds.) One character, though (Shigeru Aoba, for those who care), doesn't see anybody before turning into LCL, and it's explained in the supplementary materials for the film that it's because he was a loner in life. I thought Jon was in the same predicament, thus this strip. (Of course, there is Liz, but I always thought she dated him out of sympathy, not love.)

[[Original strips: 2002-01-04, 2004-09-12, 2007-01-02.]]

Original strips: 2002-01-04, 2004-09-12, 2007-01-02.