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No. 246: Head to Tail

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Head to Tail

First | Previous | 2010-01-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=246

Strip by: Nyperold

Jon: Hi, there... I'm Jon Arbuckle. I'm a cartoonist, and this is my cat, Garfield.
Jon: Garfield! You didn't even try!
Garfield: Try loosening your sweatband.

The author writes:

The idea, if it isn't obvious, was to start with the first panel of a Garfield strip, in this case, the first one, then find a second panel that starts with the last word. Not too difficult, in this case; as it happened, the word was "Garfield", and Jon's always yelling his name for one reason or another. But then came finding a third panel that begins with the last word of the second panel. It would have felt like cheating to use a panel that starting with "trying", so I pressed on. As you can see by the dates, this one took a little longer, even with the search...

Original strips: 1978-06-19, 1978-06-21, 1988-11-18.