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No. 212: (Re)create with Garfield!

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(Re)create with Garfield!

First | Previous | 2009-12-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=212

Strip by: Len Pitre

Jon: Computers... Everything is controlled by computers today.
Jon: That chicken you ate was even raised by a computer.
Garfield: burp

The author writes:

My idea was to see how easy it would be to recreate a Garfield comic strip in the "Create with Garfield!" comic maker for the Commodore 64. Well, I quickly found that the highly limited prop and pose selection and the user-hostile interface made it nigh impossible. I've managed this one, three screenshots stitched together, that manages to completely torpedo the joke due to the single available font if you're not using canned text.

In the process I found it was far easier to create one-panel scenes of bloodless decapitation and betrayal than it was to do anything with a punch line. Judging by the saved images on my old floppy disks, I had realised precisely this when I was a kid, too.

Original strip: 1980-03-20.