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No. 2077: Garfield & Jon Photo Album

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Garfield & Jon Photo Album

First | Previous | 2015-01-25 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2077

Strip by: Andrew Askew

{A series of photos showing how Garfield and Jon have changed over the years}
Jon: Boy, have we ever had boring lives.
Garfield: Oh I don't know... Remember when I ran away?

The author writes:

The second I saw this strip I saw that it did not properly represent the years stated as many fans would see. You can see Garfield (and Jon) change significantly in the first couple of decades that the strip was alive.

I tried to find basic boring blocks of the strips of each year to follow the original strip and remove the speech bubbles, if any. It is interesting to see the intervals of each year per block, but given that Jim only had 5 blocks, he was limited. And did Jon ever have a moustache? Depends how you look at it (ref: 1994-04-28).

The last block, instead of the moustache, I wanted to mention something more significant to the series, like when Garfield ran away from home. I remember reading that portion of the strips when I was younger and everything seemed different after he returned.

[[Original strips: 2014-09-14, 1983-01-11, 1989-01-28, 1995-02-28, 2004-02-05, 2011-01-08.]]

Original strips: 1983-01-11, 1989-01-28, 1994-04-28, 1995-02-28, 2004-02-05, 2011-01-08, 2014-09-14.