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No. 204: The Cat

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The Cat

First | Previous | 2009-11-19 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=204

Strip by: Len Pitre

{Garfield with Jon's head sits leaning on a windowsill, looking outside. A spider's web is in the corner of the window. It looks like an insect is trapped in it.}
{Close up of the web, showing the "insect" is a tiny Jon with the head of Garfield, screaming...}
Jon: Help me!
{Zoom out to show Garfield with Jon's head, smiling.}

The author writes:

I realised it's been a while since I heard anything about Garfield's hatred of spiders, so I decided to do something inspired by one of the iconic scenes in film history. A quick text search revealed that the first spider-themed strip was actually in praise of the critters, albeit one that calls them "insects" without even metri causa to hide behind. That became my base. Pretty much everything else I then stole from various other spider-related strips. (And yes, I know neither Garfield nor Jon are insect-sized. That's what I get for doing these things based off ideas I get at 4 AM.)

Strip based upon: 1979-12-28 with various body parts and word balloons from 1986-01-15 1982-12-31 and 1984-07-17.

Administrator note: This strip was submitted before #195 was published, but makes a nice follow-up.

Original strips: 1979-12-28, 1982-12-31, 1984-07-17, 1986-01-15.