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No. 2035: Have You Ever?

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Have You Ever?

First | Previous | 2014-12-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2035

Strip by: Riley

Caption: Have you ever had someone wake you up
Caption: Just to ask you if you're awake?
Jon: Z
Garfield {jumping across Jon's bed}: JON! JON!
Jon: WHA! HUH?!
Garfield: Would it disturb your sleep if I woke you up?
Caption: Has somebody ever waved to the person behind you
Caption: But you waved back anyway?
{Jon passes by a snowman who appears to be waving. He waves back and then freezes.}
Caption: Have you ever searched days for your lost shades
Caption: And then found them on your forehead?
{Odie has a bone in his mouth}
Garfield: Yes... it's the dreaded Glasses-On-The-Forehead Syndrome.
Caption: Have you ever slept all night on top of your arm
Caption: And felt for sure they'd have to amputate it?
Jon: Speak to me, arm!
Garfield: I'll never use this arm again as long as I live.
Caption: Have you ever not heard what someone said
Caption: So you asked them to repeat it again—
Caption: But then the second time you understood it even less
Caption: So you just smiled and nodded your head?
Garfield: Meow.
Jon: What did you say?
Garfield: Your guess is as good as mine.
Caption: Have you ever been about to sneeze, then you freeze
Caption: It's a tease and you look like you have an awful disease?
Garfield: Ah...Ahh...AHHH... Nothing! Don't you just hate it when... CHOO!
Caption: Have you ever had your face grazed by your own hair
Caption: But you thought it was a spider and you got super scared?
Garfield: Should I tell Jon there's a spider crawling up his leg?
{The spider is now on Jon's shirt.}
Garfield: Should I tell Jon there's a spider crawling up his shirt?
{The spider is now on Jon's face.}
Garfield: I guess that little dilemma took care of itself.
Caption: Have you ever? Have you ever?
Caption: Feel free to share
Caption: Have you ever? Have you ever?
Caption: We've all been there
Garfield: They haven't stopped making frozen pudding pops, have they?
Caption: Have you ever wanted a snack that you've never tried
Caption: So you bought a bag of air but there were chips inside?
Jon {holding a bag labeled AIR}: Argh, they mixed the bags up again!
Caption: Have you been fully convinced that your belt was a snake
Caption: Or dated relatives by mistake?
Jon {wearing a tattered hat}: This isn't a hat! It's a beehive!
Caption: Have you ever L O L S H T Y W
Caption: F O A T Y A D Y T?*
Gary: HAW! HAW!
{Gary's wig falls off and then he almost drops his taco.}
Jon: Gary ...uh Gary?
Garfield: We need a net over here.
Caption: Have you ever shot through space on the back of a cat
Caption: Or had a dinosaur laugh at you because of your cheese hat?
{A giant card reads NO.}
Jon: I'm not paying for this card!
Caption: Have you ever woken up early, finished your quarterly reports, brushed your teeth, taken a shower, put on a suit, eaten breakfast, pulled out of your driveway,
Caption: And then realized you don't have a job??
{Garfield flails his arms above Jon.}
Jon: Are you okay?
Caption: Have you ever been singing and opened a wormhole in the middle of the chorus
Caption: And it swallowed your soul?
{Garfield is in his bed, flying through outer space. He enters a wormhole, which then ejects a withered, soulless Garfield.}
Caption: Have you ever? Have you ever?
Caption: We've all been there...
Footnote: *Laughed out loud so hard that your wig fell off and then you almost dropped your taco.

The author writes:

I started this comic on August 21, 2013, and worked on it off and on for almost a year, balancing it between the school year, my own webcomic, and various other projects of mine. The comic that took me the longest to decide on was the fifth. Other ones that I had a hard time with I waited on and later found a good comic, but I think I had to fudge it with this one.

[[Original strips: 1990-09-11, 2005-02-27, 2004-02-12, 1983-07-03, 2008-03-17, 1994-10-13, 1990-04-03, 2001-11-28, 1993-03-14, 2004-03-01, 1998-11-06, 1992-09-05, 2005-03-30, 2001-03-15, 2002-04-27, 1990-09-27, 1985-08-10.

Original Song: "Have You Ever" by Rhett and Link.]]

Original strips: 1983-07-03, 1985-08-10, 1990-04-03, 1990-09-11, 1990-09-27, 1992-09-05, 1993-03-14, 1994-10-13, 1998-11-06, 2001-03-15, 2001-11-28, 2002-04-27, 2004-02-12, 2004-03-01, 2005-02-27, 2005-03-30, 2008-03-17.