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No. 2032: Pac-field

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First | Previous | 2014-12-11 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2032

Strip by: Cartoonosaurus Rex

{Blinky is enjoying an apple.}
PacMan: Pant, pant
{Blinky turns to look at PacMan}
PacMan: Apples! I need apples!
Blinky: Let's talk about this fruit dependency of yours.
PacMan: First, a slice. Then, we talk.
{Outside the panels...}
Pinky: The world is constanley changing.
Clyde: They haven't stopped making frozen pudding pops, have they???
Inky: Shut up before I glue another blender to your face.

The author writes:

This is based on a strip that was print the same day that Pac-Man first appeared in Japanese arcades, which was May 22, 1980. There are also mentions of two memes, because once a horse is dead, you gotta keep beatin' it 'till it's nothing but bone.

[[Original strips: 1980-05-22, 2001-11-28, 2008-04-26.

Pac-Man is a trademark of Namco Bandai. Sprites taken from The Spriters Resource.]]

Original strips: 1980-05-22, 2001-11-28, 2008-04-26.