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No. 1970: Ready Set Roll

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Ready Set Roll

First | Previous | 2014-10-10 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1970

Strip by: Anonymous Contributor

{Jon runs in the room}
Jon: Too much Chase Rice!
{Garfield is dancing and listening to music on an iPod. Jon smiles and picks up the iPod as Garfield leaves the room.}
iPod: Ready set let's roll, ready set let's ride, get your little fine ass on the step, shimmy up inside...
Jon: I hate bro-country.

The author writes:

Bro-country is a subgenre of country music that has cropped up since 2013, and amounts to little more than songs about drinking beer with hot girls in pickup trucks. I have never seen a more polarising reaction to a "bro-country" song than to "Ready Set Roll" by Chase Rice (official lyric video). Apparently not even Jon likes it.

[[Original strips: 2008-11-18, 2006-05-07.]]

Original strips: 2006-05-07, 2008-11-18.