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No. 1940: Garfield Plus an Even Spicier Pepper

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Garfield Plus an Even Spicier Pepper

First | Previous | 2014-09-10 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1940

Strip by: pookypal

{Garfield and Jon, with a glass of water between them, look at each other eagerly, preparing for the great rematch of the...}
Jon: Hot pepper eating contest!
{Jon manages to get a head start, stuffing in his mouth a...}
Jon: Jalapeño!
{Garfield manages to get one step ahead, pulling out and eating up a...}
Garfield: Cayenne!
{Jon, still determined to win, goes the extra mile and eats a...}
Jon: Habanero!
{Garfield, out of desperation, pulls out the ultimate pepper, the...}
Garfield: Carolina Reaper!
{However, this turns out to be a big mistake, as the pure spiciness was too much for Garfield, and he releases it all in a breath of fire, with Jon caught in the agonizing flames}
Jon: AAA! AAA!
{Garfield quickly drinks all the water, burnt from the inside, admitting defeat}
Garfield: You win...
{Jon doesn't respond, as he is lying on the floor burnt to a crisp}

The author writes:

I was searching up the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, the highlight of one of my older strips, on Wikipedia, but I noticed something different. The pepper had now been considered the second hottest pepper, now beaten by a pepper known as the Carolina Reaper. I knew immediately what to do, making this strip, and making differences in Garfield (and Jon)'s reaction to present positive continuity. I decided to make both the strip and this description narrative too.

[[Original strips: 2000-09-17, 2000-05-25.]]

Original strips: 2000-05-25, 2000-09-17.