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No. 1938: Inani-mates

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First | Previous | 2014-09-08 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1938

Strip by: Edwin Chee

Garfield: {Holding two coat hangers} Two coat hangers.
Garfield: Two coat hangers and an empty closet.
Garfield: {Throws both hangers into a closet} There you go, kids.
{Garfield closes door}
{Garfield whistles}
{Garfield opens closet door}
{Garfield is engulfed in coat hangers}
Garfield: It's true!
Garfield: {Lifts bedsheet beside Jon's bed to reveal a pair of bunny slippers} Uh-oh!
Garfield: Jon should never leave his bunny slippers under his bed alone.
{Garfield reveals two smaller pairs of bunny slippers beside the original pair}
{Two alarm clocks are left alone}
Garfield: Z
{A horde of alarm clocks race towards Garfield}
{The horde of alarm clocks rang in unison, springing Garfield up from bed}

The author writes:

There are two comics that has the same premise of inanimate objects being multiplied, so a third original one is made by me to continue this gag. Technically moving needs to be involved for any of this to happen, but still, it's a cartoon.

[[Original strips: 1986-02-09, 1986-02-27, 1990-07-22, 1993-10-04.]]

Original strips: 1986-02-09, 1986-02-27, 1990-07-22, 1993-10-04.