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No. 187: Pokemon Orange

First | Previous | 2009-10-27 | Next | Latest

Pokemon Orange

First | Previous | 2009-10-27 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Michael Stangeland

Text Box: Wild GARFIELD appeared!
Text Box: JON used SMOG!
{Jon exhales a puff of mist}
SFX: Foof!
{The whole panel is covered in a smoky cloud}

The author writes:

Jon Normal/Psychic Type: Human Joke Pokemon Height: ?'??" Weight: ??? Lbs. This POKEMON is well known for its ability to make a fool of itself. Sometimes known to respond to other individuals that are not actually there.

Garfield Normal Type: Fat Cat Pokemon Height: ?'??" Weight: ??? Lbs. Its ability to sleep and eat rivals that of SNORLAX. When active, its ill temperament makes it a danger to both friend and foe alike.

[[Original strip from 2009-07-02.]]

Original strip: 2009-07-02.