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No. 1836: Club Penguinfield

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Club Penguinfield

First | Previous | 2014-05-29 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1836

Strip by: Camwoodstock

{two penguins in an igloo, one named "JonArbuckle7", and another named "Garfield7" respectively}
Jon: Everything is your fault.
Jon: Well...
Jon: Except the weather.
Garfield: Nobody's perfect!

The author writes:

Club Penguin is a children's MMO launched in 2005, that was once owned by "Rocketsnail", but now belongs to Disney. The Beta Test Party, for when the game was first openly beta, was during September 21, 2005.

I re-made the strip aired on Garfield in CP... But, the issue was, the items I needed? Didn't have. That, and you can't even put down a period due to the insanely strict filters. In other words, I had to use a CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server) to get the item, and then type the words I needed. And by the way, since CPPSes are separate from CP, so I didn't get banned for hacking. So, kudos to the CPPS creators.

And for the record, the hats they are wearing (named "Party Hat") is actually the rarest item, and was available during the Beta Test Party.

[[Original strip: 2005-09-21.]]

Original strip: 2005-09-21.