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No. 1776: A Tiger in the House

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A Tiger in the House

First | Previous | 2014-03-30 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Edwin Chee

Hobbes: Tigers...
Hobbes: Tigers are intelligent, soft, cute...
Hobbes: Furry cuddly...
Hobbes: Playful...
Hobbes: {Sneaking onto Calvin's bed} Demure...
{Hobbes stares at Calvin, freaking him out}
{Calvin promptly go and fix Hobbes a sandwich, with Hobbes smiling slyly beside him}
Hobbes: And masters of the house.

The author writes:

Of all the early Garfield strips to be parodied, I am surprised the first Sunday comic hasn't been used before. Maybe I didn't check, but I didn't see any that used it. The original "Hi I'm Jon" comic has been used a lot, with the following days being used a fair bit (#669, #249, #1503, #90, #1257), but none have used the first Sunday comic. This comic fixes that.

When I think about Calvin and Hobbes, I always thought that Hobbes is pretty much the domineering of the duo, even if Calvin often goes to his reckless ways. This is most evident when Hobbes pounces or outsmarts Calvin in ways he cannot counter, and if Calvin got the better of Hobbes, it's rare for Calvin to get away from Hobbes, such as one time when Calvin threw a snowball at Hobbes, and ended up being naked in winter with his clothes hung on a tree, but Hobbes' snowball assaults never ended in him being counterattacked. Together with Hobbes' tendency to take pride on his species, Hobbes makes a perfect "Master of the house".

Since this is a Calvin and Hobbes comic that features elements from Garfield, I decided to implant though bubbles from the original strip since the submission goes to a Garfield-related webcomic.

[[Original strip: 1978-06-25.

Original Calvin and Hobbes strips: 1990-02-04, 1990-03-11, 1991-02-03, 1995-01-31, 1986-03-27, 1995-06-16, 1989-02-09, 1988-08-30.]]

Original strip: 1978-06-25.